Monday, 16 May 2011

Kite mares or kite tears- and how to repair them in a hurry....


I just had an e-mail from an old friend and long time kitesurfer and ex-instructor of Local Kitesurf school Mobius - Chris Worboys.  Chris has abandoned our chilly waters and spends most of his time working as a policy analyst at the Department of Energy for the Bermuda Government.  Kitesurfing Instrctor in Cornwall to 'proper job!' Bit of a sideways step if you ask me but I guess it is a bit warmer.

Anyway Chris said:
 "Thought you might be interested in this stuff called 'kitefix' - it's a really fast/cheap/simple/tough way of fixing kites.

It's a self-adhesive fibre mesh that is held in place by glue and then sandwiched on both sides by dacron sail repair tape, but it totally works! I had a strut blow open on my 10m torch - it had a 1 foot long tear down the seam and the bladder blew open as well.

Repaired the bladder using a (snowboard) iron and some greaseproof paper to melt the seam back together (found the 'how to' here: and then borrowed a friend's kitefix kit to glue the seam of the strut back together - got back out on the water in 2 days. Way cheaper than a sail loft and great if you're travelling

 I am happy to say we know and we have it in stock already in the shop and Kitefix do a whole range of Really useful stuff to keep your kite flying when those unexpected accidents happenso if this sounds sensible stop by or order it on line:
 Get your kitefix here!

For a visual display of almost all their products and how best to use them check out the KITEFIX youtube account:

We can still arrange a full repair service should you need it, but Kitefix comes recommended especially if you are traveling.