Monday, 21 November 2011

New Newsletter format from Novemer 2011

We used a local company called MailAway to help us with our new more graphical formatted newsletter - Here is our first one in the run up to Christmas - Lots of offers including a 3 for 2 on boots, gloves and hoods - some clearance stuff - and an item on the new GOPRO HD 2 camera.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

BSUPA - NAtional Stand UP Paddleboard Champs - Watergate Bay 15th & 16th October

Britain’s stand-up paddlesurf (SUP) champions will be decided in a winner-takes-all national championship event at Watergate Bay in October.
The Extreme Academy will host the British Stand Up Paddle Association (BSUPA) championships on the weekend of 15th and 16th October 2011 in an event which will attract the UK’s best exponents of this emerging form of surfing.
Competitors will take part in two different disciplines, with divisions for men and women. A long-distance ocean paddle race will see competitors cover up to five miles, requiring skill, technique and stamina; while wave-riding skills will be tested in a performance surfing competition.
Competition organiser Richard Marsh said: “Watergate Bay is one of the UK’s premier watersports venues; from its consistent surf conditions to the natural amphitheatre, it gives competitors the opportunity to showcase their skills, and spectators the chance to see the action.”
The surfing competition in which competitors will show off their tricks on the waves will take place on Saturday, with the distance race from Watergate Bay to Porth and back taking place on Sunday.
Also taking place on the Sunday is the Westcountry Watersports Wave Expression competition, followed at 3pm by a prize giving ceremony. 
As well as competing for the championship, the surfers will also battle it out for the coveted title of ‘Watergate Bay Waterman’ sponsored by The Beach Hut. This fiercely coveted title will be awarded to the competitor with the highest combined score from both the men’s wave and distance competitions, who will win a meal for two at The Beach Hut restaurant. 

For more information on the event go to - for entries please contact the event organiser, Richard Marsh, by emailing

Monday, 16 May 2011

Kite mares or kite tears- and how to repair them in a hurry....


I just had an e-mail from an old friend and long time kitesurfer and ex-instructor of Local Kitesurf school Mobius - Chris Worboys.  Chris has abandoned our chilly waters and spends most of his time working as a policy analyst at the Department of Energy for the Bermuda Government.  Kitesurfing Instrctor in Cornwall to 'proper job!' Bit of a sideways step if you ask me but I guess it is a bit warmer.

Anyway Chris said:
 "Thought you might be interested in this stuff called 'kitefix' - it's a really fast/cheap/simple/tough way of fixing kites.

It's a self-adhesive fibre mesh that is held in place by glue and then sandwiched on both sides by dacron sail repair tape, but it totally works! I had a strut blow open on my 10m torch - it had a 1 foot long tear down the seam and the bladder blew open as well.

Repaired the bladder using a (snowboard) iron and some greaseproof paper to melt the seam back together (found the 'how to' here: and then borrowed a friend's kitefix kit to glue the seam of the strut back together - got back out on the water in 2 days. Way cheaper than a sail loft and great if you're travelling

 I am happy to say we know and we have it in stock already in the shop and Kitefix do a whole range of Really useful stuff to keep your kite flying when those unexpected accidents happenso if this sounds sensible stop by or order it on line:
 Get your kitefix here!

For a visual display of almost all their products and how best to use them check out the KITEFIX youtube account:

We can still arrange a full repair service should you need it, but Kitefix comes recommended especially if you are traveling.